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Korean men were forced to labor over 12 hours a day in these narrow tunnels and shafts.
Being an undersea coal mine, it was prone to sea-water flooding and gas leaks,
which led to devastating accidents. The average temperature inside the shafts was 113°F, and
the humidity often exceeded 95%. While mining, the laborers wore only fundoshi,
a traditional Japanese undergarment that resembled underwear and covered very little of the body.

유곽거리(하시마 거리)

Brothels were where Korean women and young girls like Mallyon
ended up working. Under its flamboyant façade,
the place was dingy and crammed. The customers were mostly Japanese.

조선인 기숙사

While the Japanese management lived on the top floors of the apartments,
Korean laborers’ quarters were located below ground level.
Seawater frequently flowed over the walls and flooded the floor.
With barely no sunlight, the place was little more than an underground prison.


Notoriously nicknamed by the Japanese, this long and steep stairwell is
one of the most-online-searched features about Hashima Island.
The narrow, winding stairs were a heavily trafficked walkway
that connected the vertically stacked community that was dangerously overpopulated.

직원 구락부

Located on the highest point overlooking the entire island,
the club was a place of leisure for the Japanese management,
and was equipped with entertainment facilities like cinemas, pool rooms, and bars.

탄광 운반벨트

A conveyor belt system that moved extracted coal to the cargo ship.
Its steep incline created a highly dangerous work environment.
In the film, however, it’s the most important place
as it is the grand escape route for the Korean laborers.

A bandmaster and desperate father
who will do anything to save his daughter

The leader of the Jongro street gang
and the greatest fist fighter in Korea

A Korean independence fighter
who infiltrates the island on a secret mission

A defiant Korean woman who stands against her cruel fate

Gang-ok’s young daughter
embroiled in a maelstrom of chaos